Getting started with Kwikcal is easy. Once you've signed up, there are three important steps that we'll help you take. To get the most out of Kwikcal you'll want to set your working hours, add your event types and optionally connect your existing online calendar.

Kwikcal supports multiple online calendars, and easily integrates with Google and 365.

Working Hours

Set your working hours to control what your availability is, and which days you are free. By default, these hours are set to Monday through Friday, 9am to 5pm. If you need to override these options, navigate to Settings -> Working Hours.

In the Working Hours section, you can also specify whether your week starts on a Sunday or a Monday.

Set your Working Hours to control your calendar availability.

Updating these options will affect the display of your booking calendar and the hours that an invitee can schedule an appointment with you.

Add Event Types

Event types are used for different activity or appointment types you have. You can use event types to specify the name, description, length of time and more of a particular appointment. Your calendar will take these settings into account when displaying the availability.

To add an event type, navigate to "Event types" and click to add a new event type.

To add an event type, navigate to Event Types and click to add a new event type

Set your event type name, description and duration. If you need a minimum scheduling notice, or before and after times, you can specify them here.

Before and after buffer times can be used to ensure that you always have those times available before and after an invitee can schedule an appointment. This can be very handy if you need time to prepare before an appointment, or to account for travel time.

Once an event type is created, you can specify the notification options and specify the questions that an invitee has to answer before they can schedule an appointment.

Setup External Calendar

To get the most out of Kwikcal, you'll want to connect to your existing, online Calendar, such as Google Calendar or The benefit of connecting your account is the ability to sync calendar events, so your external calendar and Kwikcal are always up to date. If you update your external calendar, Kwikcal will be updated right away so your booking calendar always has your latest availability.

To add an external calendar, navigate to "Calendar accounts" under settings. From there you can view your existing connections, or add a new one. Paid subscriptions can add multiple calendar accounts, while users on the free plan are limited to just one.

To add an external calendar, navigate to Calendar accounts under settings

Choose which account type you would like to add, and after authenticating Kwikcal will start syncing your calendar.

Sync multiple calendars with Kwikcal

Under the calendar account settings, you can choose which online calendar to add events to, and which calendar account is the primary if you have multiple accounts. Kwikcal will automatically add any new appointments to this primary calendar.

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