How Kwikcal works.

Kwikcal helps to remove the back and forth of scheduling meetings. Let your clients book directly and avoid the endless back and forth.

Get started in three easy steps.

Add your event types

Set your working schedule

Share your Kwikcal link, or embed on your website

Share your link directly, or use our handy HTML snippet to embed your Kwikcal page directly onto your website. Your Kwikcal page will adapt to any device size, so it always looks great.

When a prospective client views your Kwikcal page, they'll see your immediate availability, based on your working schedule, event type rules and existing appointments. If you connect an online Calendar, we'll make sure your page stays in sync so your clients always see your up to date availability.

Once a prospective client chooses to book an appointment, the appointment will appear directly on your calendar! We'll notify you and your client add it directly to your calendar, with all the details you need.

Sign up with a Premium plan, and you can create customizable email and text message reminders for each event type. With reminders, you'll greatly reduce any no-shows and help to increase your conversions.

Fully featured to meet your needs.

Get your custom calendar link

When you sign up with Kwikcal, you are able to choose your own, custom Kwikcal link.

Send this link to clients, or embed it on your website so you can link directly to your online Calendar, letting your clients schedule an appointment themselves. We'll make sure your Kwikcal page looks good on any device.

Learn more about how to embed your calendar, and to see it in action.

Create your event types

Create as many event types as you wish, and they'll show up your Kwikcal page. Create an event type for the different types of appointments or services you offer. Each event type can specify the event name, duration, custom questions and more.

Sync with your existing Calendar

Integrate with your existing Calendar, such as Google Calendar or, and now your clients can immediately see when you are available. Events scheduled through Kwikcal will immediately appear on your online calendar, and your Kwikcal page will update immediately as soon as new events are added.

Easily share your online calendar

Your schedule. Your rules.

Customize your event types

Easily set special rules for each of your different event types. Need some prep time after an appointment to capture notes? Add an after buffer time to make sure that time is covered.

With minimum appointment times, we'll make sure nobody is able to book any last minute appointments - helping you stay prepared.

Add booking confirmation questions

Specify which questions you need to know from your invitees and we'll place them on your booking confirmation page.

Need a phone number to contact? A short description of the meeting purpose before booking? Mark those questions as required and get the details you need before the meeting begins, giving you time to prepare.

Sync automatically with your Calendar

Sync multiple calendars

Sync with your existing Google Calendar or account and we'll make sure your Kwikcal booking page is always up to date with your availability. Your booking page is updated as soon as an event is added to your existing online Calendar. No changes to your workflow is necessary.

If you have multiple accounts you need to stay synced with, such as a separate personal and work account, upgrade to Premium and we'll keep them all in sync.

Appointments added automatically

When you link your online calendar with Kwikcal, we'll add new appointments to your calendar directly, with all the details from your booking appointment included automatically.

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